Stacey Norman has officially graduated! Kind of...

Stacey Norman has officially graduated! Kind of...

With ECR turning 25, Stacey and J Sbu decided to reflect on what their lives looked like at that age...

Stacey is a graduate
East Coast Radio

It's time to take a quick trip down memory lane.

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As everyone knows, your 20s are allegedly supposed to be the best years of your life. Unless you are currently in your twenties and living through a pandemic...

Anyway, for those of us who were lucky enough to experience the roaring twenties pre-pandemic, we can confirm that while it might be a confusing time as you try to find yourself and try to navigate the adult world, it is also pretty fun.

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We'll be celebrating a very important 25th birthday soon, so Stacey and J Sbu wanted to think back to their 25th year on this earth.

Were they proud of themselves at that age? Had they achieved everything they had set out to achieve? Or did things not go the way they had planned?

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J Sbu

What was I doing at the age of 25? Well, I was the station manager at Radio DUT, the radio station I started in 2014.

I also just joined East Coast Radio and was just getting started. Thinking back, I was pretty optimistic about what was going to happen in my life career-wise. But I wouldn't say I was happy with what I had achieved.

I wasn't content.

I still wanted more.

I was still only doing a graveyard/weekend show and I obviously wanted to get to that Drive Show or Breakfast Show spot. That seemed like something that was going to take decades to achieve.

So to be quite honest, I just wasn't happy and as a result of that, I am where I am now.

I do think, for a 25-year-old, I was doing pretty well. Not too bad but I wanted more.


When I was 25, I had just relocated to Johannesburg and I had just booked my first TV gig.

I was doing a radio show in the morning and then would go straight from that to shoot my TV show and I was living my best Bonang fantasy, basically.

I would just think to myself: "She's booked, she's busy, she's shining."

Update: It's been a few years and she (being me, of course) is still doing all of the above! 


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