Wedding guest shocked after receiving mysterious letter from petty newlyweds

Wedding guest shocked after receiving mysterious letter from petty newlyweds

Help us decide who was really in the wrong: the married couple or the guest?

Wedding guest invoice
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A wedding is a big deal.

A big, stressful deal.

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From finding the right dress, the right venue, and the right caterer to making sure you've invited everyone (and not accidentally forgotten about that one distant aunt who will never let you hear the end of it if her invite got lost).

One of the most stress-inducing aspects has to be the guests.

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Not only do you have to deal with those who might feel some kind of way if they are not invited, but you also have to make sure the seating makes sense, all the dietary requirements are met, and that your guests generally just end up having a fun time.

That is why RSVPing to a wedding is of EXTREME importance.

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One guest showing up unannounced can throw off the day and cause the bride and groom extra unnecessary anxiety.

But is it also a major issue if a guest said they would attend but ended up being a no-show?

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One newlywed couple considered that to be the case. So much so that they sent their no-show guest an entire bill.

A Reddit user shared a Facebook post they had seen of a wedding guest who failed to attend the wedding they had RSVPed to, who had received the following invoice:

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According to the invoice, they had to pay an amount of $240 (R3,473) for the seat at the wedding reception that the bride and groom had paid for in advance.

The invoice also states that the guest failed to inform the couple that they would no longer be attending, which could have helped everyone involved avoid this whole situation.

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Weddings are an expensive event and only really get cheaper when you consider how many people you want to attend, so it is quite understandable that the couple would be upset that they had to pay a pretty significant amount for someone who never showed up.

But did the guest just wake up that morning and not feel like attending a wedding? Or was there an emergency that had to be dealt with and they had to give the wedding a skip?

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We might never know, but here are a few comments from the Reddit community after being asked whether this response is petty or not:

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The room is divided!

One thing everyone does seem to agree on is that a call might be a better plan A than sending an invoice straight away.

This could become a debate for the ages and for now, we're just happy not to be the newlyweds or the guest...

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