Posted up: "My boyfriend of a year is hiding me from his friends and family"

Posted up: "My boyfriend of a year is hiding me from his friends and family"

In these modern times, a relationship isn't official until you are Facebook official.

Relationships social media official

If you have ever been in a relationship during the social media era, you will know what a major role all of these apps play in the lives of singles and couples.

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When you're single there's sliding into the DMs. When you're in a couple, it's against the rules to double-tap on the picture of someone your significant other considers more attractive than themselves. Then there's making the relationship social media official.

Don't believe it's a thing? Well, even Urban Dictionary has an entry for the term "Facebook official":

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Usually, it would make sense to update your relationship status the moment you ask your bae to be your boyfriend or girlfriend. The sooner the better or the red flags will begin to rise.

But how long should it take for you to inform your friends and family that you are in a relationship, whether it's through an Instagram post or by actually introducing them in real life?

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When you've been with the same person for a year, in a whole committed relationship, then you might start to get a bit stressed out when they don't introduce you to the important people in their life OR post about you on socials.

Just like listener Mbali who is finding her boyfriend's behaviour worrying:

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Does this sound suspicious or is she overreacting? 

Here's what KZN had to say:

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