WATCH: Hit or miss? J Sbu and KZN listener Tatum finally go on their coffee date

WATCH: Hit or miss? J Sbu and KZN listener Tatum finally go on their coffee date

It all started with a private message via Instagram and ended with a full-on date... with cameras and mics, of course! 

Shoot your shot, J Sbu's Coffee Date
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When Stacey and J Sbu say, "If you miss out on the show, then you miss out on a lot", they mean it! 

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A few weeks ago, Stacey and J Sbu revealed on the show that J Sbu had received a saucy private message from a stranger. It started out as a flirtatious string of messages on his Instagram that ended really awkwardly.

A KZN woman named Tatum decided to 'shoot her shot' at J Sbu, but unfortunately for her, the advances were met with a polite dismissal from J Sbu. 

Things also became super awkward when J Sbu was surprised on the show by Tatum...

The KZN audience were so impressed by Tatum's sheer confidence that they convinced J Sbu to consider, if anything, just to go on a coffee date where the two can meet. 

J Sbu, being the nice guy that he is, agreed to the date... but then there was radio silence. 

After weeks of Stacey asking if the date had happened, J Sbu and Tatum managed to get together - and we have the footage! 

Not only did the coffee date happen between the two, but Stacey - always the helpful partner in crime to J Sbu, tagged along to help him through the date, as of his own admission, J Sbu has been out the dating game for a while. 

Watch what went down here:

So, did the two hit it off? 

Share your comments with Stacey and J Sbu below: 

Thank you so much to True Brew Cafe for allowing us to film on their premises. 

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