WATCH: Wild snake showdown with five determined men

WATCH: Wild snake showdown with five determined men

A hilarious encounter at the watering hole leaves everyone soaked - except the massive serpent, who slithers back home a victor.

Screenshot of five guys vs a large snake
Ian Smit / Facebook

The internet is buzzing with a viral video of five brave (or maybe foolish) dudes trying to rescue a snake from a watering hole. 

It starts off simple enough - the men try their absolute best to pull the reptile out of its 'swimming pool' with their hands. However, this wasn't your average garden snake.

This serpent had serious pulling power, leaving the men with dirt-caked hands and frustrated grunts.

Finally, with a mighty heave, they manage to reveal a good chunk of the beast. That's when things get real. 

The snake, clearly not appreciating the eviction attempt, whips its body around and lunges towards the men.

Cue the chaos - some guys tumble backwards, others turn tail and run! 

The video cuts out just as the massive snake gracefully (or maybe menacingly) slithers back into its watery haven.

Lesson learned? Maybe we need to respect wild animals and their preferred 'swimming pools'. Or at least, have a longer rope next time. 

The internet, of course, is having a field day. Take a look at the video here:

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