Young girl swings snake around to save her pet guinea pig

Young girl swings snake around to save her pet guinea pig

Bravery hasn't looked this awesome since Merida from 'Brave'... 

A girl swinging a snake around mid air
A girl swinging a snake around mid air/Instagram Screenshot/@LADbible

The heat makes us uncomfortable, but nothing quite prepares you for how reptiles feel during this unbearable weather.

Therefore, you can expect to see snakes, so consider it a natural part of living in hot areas

However, this video left us shook and we don't think we would've ever been prepared for what was about to come. 

A 12-year-old girl in Australia was searching her garden looking for her pet guinea pig when she found the little guy in the mouth of a snake. 

She acted instinctively to save her pet and picked up the snake barehanded and began swinging it around so it would loosen its grip. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok


A 12-year-old Australian girl fearlessly rescued her pet guinea pig from being eaten by a python in her backyard.

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According to the news sources, her dad says the guinea pig is doing fine.

But what about the girl? 

She went into full-on protect mode. What a brave young woman!

This was a conscious move to help save her guinea pig, unlike another video we came across of a toddler who picked up a snake, mistaking it for a piece of wood while playing fetch with his dog.

You can read about that story here: Toddler picks up snake after mistaking it for a stick

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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