WATCH: Cute child can’t get enough of loveable 'Magwinya Lady'

WATCH: Cute child can’t get enough of loveable 'Magwinya Lady'

It’s a cuteness overload!

The loveable "Magwinya Lady" and her biggest supporter
@being_a_mom / TikTok

An adorable moment between a mom and her daughter made its way to social media and had us oohing and ahhing. 

The little one was taking note of all the vehicles and other things she could recognise while her mom was driving... and then she saw her favourite person.

With pure excitement, she begins screaming about the 'Magwinya Lady' before her mom promises to get her a Magwinya soon. Take a look below:

@being_a_mom There’s nothing I enjoy more than chats with my toddler on the way to school drop off. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ #momsoftiktok #toddlerchats #Magwinya #schooldropoff #kidsbelike #fyp ♬ original sound - Kayla Van Nieuwenhuizen

In a follow-up video, mom, Kayla Van Nieuwenhuizen, made a stop to purchase the delicious treat for her baby girl. 

They spent time talking to the joyous street vendor, now affectionately dubbed 'Magwinya Lady'. 

The video then cuts to a happy little girl nomming away on her Magwinya and our hearts could not handle the cuteness! Watch the clip here:

@being_a_mom Guess who went to meet the Magwenya Lady today 🥹🥹 #momsoftiktok #magwenya #magwenyalady #toddlerchats #kidsbelike #southafricatiktok🇿🇦 ♬ original sound - Kayla Van Nieuwenhuizen describes amagwinya as having a similar texture to that of a doughnut. The word originates from isiZulu and is a favourite among many South Africans.

Amagwinya usually has a savoury filling whether it's curry-based or something as refreshing as polony. It is a convenient yet filling food that can be found all over SA.

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Image courtesy of TikTok

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