WATCH: Hedgehog or tripe? Local boy's hilarious mix-up has us in stitches

WATCH: Hedgehog or tripe? Local boy's hilarious mix-up has us in stitches

We all have that one meal we just can’t eat…

Screenshot of boy and hedgehog collage
@_Izibele / TikTok and Anne Coatesy / iStock

Is there a dish that makes your stomach turn? Maybe it's chicken feet or even just humble lamb chops?

Well, we have a story for you!

Taking to TikTok recently, a local mom tried to introduce her young son to tripe, but here’s the twist - he mistook the meal for a hedgehog!

The short clip made its rounds on the video-sharing app and had locals laughing their socks off.

The clip starts with a wide-eyed and curious little one, tripe in front of him, exclaiming: "Mommy, this hedgehog is disgusting!"

He begins poking at the tripe, pretending it's the spines of a hedgehog, saying: "But it's prickly, you see? Ow! It's hurting me.” 

This playful exchange had South Africans questioning if we even have hedgehogs in SA!

Take a look at the adorable clip below:

@_izibele Not him calling tripe a hedgehog 😂 #fyp #playtimewithizi #funtimeswithIzi ♬ original sound - _Izibele

Tripe has long been a source of curiosity and debate in Mzansi. The younger generation finds its unique texture and flavour challenging to embrace.

Do you have a local meal that makes your tummy turn? Answer our poll below:

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Image courtesy of iStock and TikTok

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