Watch: SA mom's hilarious (and relatable) freakout over daughter’s mess

Watch: SA mom's hilarious (and relatable) freakout over daughter’s mess

This South African mom had enough of her teen’s messy room and we had a front-row seat…

Messy room and angry mom collage
@kdpvilakazi / TikTok

A South African mom threw us straight back into our childhood as the mere sight of her daughter’s bedroom turned her day upside down.

With her curtains drawn shut and an unmade bed at the epicentre of the disorder, it's no wonder her mom lost it! 

Thankfully, it's 2024 so we got a front-row seat to this whirlwind of mess, courtesy of @kdpvilakazi on TikTok.

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The video spread like wildfire, garnering over 38,000 likes! Who knew a teenager’s room could become a battleground for such chaos and commotion? While there may be a language barrier for some, it still hits us in the soul.

Take a look:


I cant anymore yooh!

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If you need some tips on getting your teenager to keep their room clean, we’ve got you covered. According to Homes & Gardens, although it is normal for teenagers to have a messier space, not everyone is the same.

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Below are their top four tips for getting a headstart on keeping your teenager’s room clean:

  1. Get them into a routine, whether it's daily or weekly.

  2. Inspire your kids to keep their space clean while not getting too deeply involved in their lives and spaces.

  3. Teach your children about downsizing and help them get rid of items they don’t necessarily need in their space.

  4. Purchase items that will aid in the organisation process. Think about getting boxes and bins that suit your teen’s aesthetic.

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Image courtesy of TikTok

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