WATCH: Oprah has proudly South African meal to celebrate Thanksgiving

WATCH: Oprah has proudly South African meal to celebrate Thanksgiving

Not Oprah making us drool while scrolling on the 'Gram.

Oprah Winfrey Thanksgiving South Africa meal
Oprah Winfrey Official Instagram

Thanksgiving is very obviously an American tradition that we as South African's don't celebrate.

But as we all know for our friends in the USA it is a VERY big deal.

Over the last week, everyone's social media pages have been flooded with pictures of delicious-looking Thanksgiving meals and messages of thanks and more.

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While it's fun to see what all our fave celebrities are getting up to during the holidays, it's not a hard relate for us who don't celebrate this specific holiday.

That is until we stumbled upon the talk show and interview queen, Oprah Winfrey's, Instagram and we were pleasantly surprised by what we saw!

Of course, Oprah will offer up a Thanksgiving spread like no other, but her cuisine of choice is what caught our attention.

She didn't choose to serve her guests a traditional American Thanksgiving meal. She also didn't go for Italian, Asian or French cuisines.

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Instead, she presented them with a full, proudly diverse South African spread!

From Bobotie to bunny chows and everything in between.

Watch the video below and bask in the glory with us:

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Did Oprah just one-up all of us?

Possibly! But since it's the one and only Oprah, we'll take the loss this time.

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