#AllTheFeels: "Is she here?" Adele's emotional reunion with her teacher after 20 years

#AllTheFeels: "Is she here?" Adele's emotional reunion with her teacher after 20 years

You will not watch a more wholseome video than this,

ITV/ Adele

Have you ever been inspired by a teacher? You know, that one teacher you will always remember and be grateful for the valuable lesson they taught you about life?

After making us shed tears over the past few days with her gorgeous new album, '30', the tables turned on Adele and we actually can't handle all the emotion.

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During a pre-recorded concert, Adele took a question from legendary Hollywood actress Emma Thompson, who asked whether there was anyone in her past who'd been a massive support for her, someone who inspired her or protected her from life's trying situations.

And then the moment happened... with just three words, our hearts melted - and so did Adele's makeup.

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"She's here tonight!"

it's really hard to put into words the magnitude of the moment, so all we can do is ask you to watch it for yourself.

Watch the moment below and please, for heaven's sake, make sure you have the tissues ready because we wish that someone had warned us before we watched it. 

What a breathtaking moment and just another reminder of how you never know how your can influence and change the lives of the people around you,

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Main image attribution: ITV/Adele/Twitter

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