WATCH: Edward Zuma expertly avoids answering journalist's questions about father

WATCH: Edward Zuma expertly avoids answering journalist's questions about father

Did Edward want to address the press? Yes. Should he have done it? Maybe not...

Edward Zuma address press after father's arrest

It's happened to the best of us.

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A few words might have slipped out of your mouth and as soon as you had realised what you had said, it was too late to take it back.

There are many a video clip of politicians, celebrities, YouTubers, television show hosts, and even the occasional local citizen making an appearance and accidentally pronouncing something wrong or worse, saying something they just really should not have.

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As every South African knows, our former President Jacob Zuma has been incarcerated

Many stayed awake until the early morning hours of Thursday morning to see if Zuma would be going to prison and late on Wednesday night, he did hand himself over to officials.

But the story doesn't just end there.

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Since Zuma's arrest, pictures of him in prison have been leaked and ANC member Carl Niehaus has also been arrested, but the moment that has sent the internet into a spin is a video of his son, Edward Zuma, addressing the press moments after his father had been taken into custody.

In the video, journalists and reporters are seen crowding around Edward as he talks to them about his father. At one point, one of these reporters asks him where his father is, to which he replies: "President Zuma is in South Africa".

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Seeing as how many accused criminals have tried to flee the country when they were close to being captured, this answer is still quite relevant.

However, some people had some trouble trying to understand his response to the following statement, "The clock is ticking Sir, he has to hand himself over to law enforcement authorities by twelve."

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Edward Zuma answered with, "I suggest that the clock unticks itself", and he stood by this statement, repeating it a few times.

You can watch the full video here:

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Twitter almost immediately had come backs and had come to the same conclusion while alluding as to why Edward was behaving in this manner.

But even more than that - it's become a catch-phrase!

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While all eyes remained on the gates of Nkandla for most of the week, the eventful few days came to an end and things seem to have calmed down.

And although spirits were riding high there was some light comedic relief to break the tension.

Now we wait and see what happens next in the #ZumaArrest saga.

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