Teenager caught skateboarding on Durban's Tollgate Bridge arch

Teenager caught skateboarding on Durban's Tollgate Bridge arch

Do not try this at home, kids!

Tollgate bridge

While there have been many successful stuntmen and women over the years who put their lives at risk every single day, it's not something for everyone.

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Being a daredevil is one thing, but being completely reckless with zero regard for your own safety or the safety of others is something else entirely.

Anyone skateboarding, walking, running or sliding across the Tollgate Bridge is just being completely careless.

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You would also be shocked and surprised to find out that this is not the first time someone has decided to play around on these massive arches.

In 2017, two Durban locals took a chance and rode across the arches on their BMX bikes.

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Now, four years later, there has been another attempt, but while this adrenaline junkie did not film his ride, he was caught in the act.

According to Durban metro police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Parbhoo Sewpersad, a local teenager allegedly climbed to the top of the towering arch and rode his skateboard back down, crossed the traffic signals, and made it all the way to the sidewalk on Peter Mokaba Road (Ridge Road).

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What might come as even more of a surprise is that the teenager was not alone. In fact, he was accompanied by his father!

The police issued both of the involved parties with a verbal warning and Sewpersad said that the father told them his son was "a South African champion", but they did end up apologising. They also said that they apparently did not realise what consequences their actions could have had.

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Senior Superintendent Parbhoo Sewpersad would also like to take the time to issue a warning: “This is extremely dangerous. There is an eight-lane freeway below this bridge, and it could be fatal. We are urging people to not perform such stunts and risk their lives.”

Please take this as a cautionary tale and not a challenge!

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