Community upset over men wearing "I cheated on my girlfriend" signs in street

Community upset over men wearing "I cheated on my girlfriend" signs in street

Well, that's definitely not something you see every day...

Community upset over men wearing "i cheated on my girlfriend signs"

Ever thought of how you would punish/get revenge on a cheating partner?

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Maybe embarrass them by having them confess to their infidelity in public?

That's exactly what happened in England when a random pedestrian saw a man standing outside Liverpool station wearing the following sign:

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While this might seem like quite the punishment, other Twitter users soon noticed that this man was not alone.

Not much later others started posting pictures of men in different locations wearing the same sign.

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While it could have possibly been one crazy Thursday night and these men's girlfriends just had the same idea, it's a bit too much to just be a coincidence.

It didn't take much longer for users to figure out that the way the "y" in Thursday was stylised indicated that this was all a big marketing stunt by the dating app, Thursday.

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Thursday is a dating app that only works for 24 hours every Thursday, forcing users to make plans and communicate within the timeframe. 

While they might have had good intentions with their initial idea for the campaign, when people started to realise that it was a stunt, they were confused as to why the brand would condone cheating and worst of all, seem to recommend their app as a facilitator for any unfaithful activities one might want to partake in.

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Thursday were quick to respond:

As of now, it seems like the only thing to come out of this advertising campaign were a bunch of company tweets saying that they don't condone cheating.

Like it or not, it definitely got the people talking!

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