WATCH: Dad strips down during school meeting to make a point about wearing masks

WATCH: Dad strips down during school meeting to make a point about wearing masks

That's one way of making sure your statement is heard...

Man strips down at school meeting in support of mask mandate
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It has been over a year since COVID-19 and face masks became a big part of our lives.

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Yet some people are still choosing to fight the same battles daily.

"COVID is real" vs "It's just the flu".

"The vaccine is a lifesaver" vs "The government is trying to microchip us".

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And finally, "I chose to wear my mask" vs "You are taking away my freedom by asking me to wear a mask".

Since these fights are still ongoing, it also makes sense that some people have just had enough, are sick and tired of hearing the same thing day in and day out, and have officially reached their breaking point.

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That's why this father's "meltdown" shouldn't even be too surprising.

The Dripping Springs school district in the US recently said in their health protocol that masks in schools are optional. However, the school board decided to change their stance and said that although there is no official mandate, they would recommend wearing masks on campus.

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In a recent school board meeting, James Akers, the father of a high school student, wanted to make his opinion on the matter clear.

Akers argued that all schools in the community should have mask protocols put in place despite how inconvenient it might be and he emphasised his point by stripping down to his underwear.

While standing in front of the microphone and addressing the room, Akers started to take his jacket, shirt, and tie off while saying:

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He continued on as he removed even more clothing...

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The school board president, Barbara Stroud, eventually asked Mr Akers to put his clothes back on.

You can watch his powerful statement here:

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According to the New York Times, the county where the Dripping Springs school system is located has had more than 27,000 COVID infections and 303 deaths since the start of the pandemic. While Texas Governor Greg Abbott has barred schools from issuing mask mandates, the school districts have chosen to defy his orders and are asking teachers and pupils to mask up on campus.

After the meeting, Akers also spoke to NBC affiliate KXAN-TV:

Hopefully, everyone in attendance understood Mr Akers' message loud and clear. (And there won't be any more need for stripping.)

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