WATCH: Woman doing yoga on beach has unfortunate run-in with a wild iguana!

WATCH: Woman doing yoga on beach has unfortunate run-in with a wild iguana!

We know what you're thinking and no, it wasn't Keri Miller...

WATCH: Woman doing yoga on beach has unfortunate run-in with a wild iguana!

We would never laugh at someone who has been seriously injured.

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But sometimes the internet is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sure, the person in this video acquires an injury or two, but if there were no major injuries sustained and the video is shared across social media, then we don't see the issue with giggling along. (Here's looking at you #CrateChallenge...)

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Such is the case with a video we recently saw that features a yoga teacher and a wild iguana.

@bahamahoopyogi is a yoga teacher and she also makes holistic body products, but after one of her most recent videos on Twitter, everyone became obsessed with her moves.

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This yogi was mid-pose, minding her own business when a curious beach visitor decided to get a closer look at her moves.

There are many iguanas on this beach and they are pretty used to humans in their space, but @bahamahoopyogi was completely caught off-guard when one lone iguana approached her and got a bit too comfortable.

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Find out what happened next by watching the video below:

Warning: the video contains strong language

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After the video blew up, people were asking her if she was okay, to which she replied that she is completely fine and she has been prescribed some antibiotics.

While the bite of an iguana is not poisonous or venomous, it can cause quite severe damage. Luckily she escaped with only a minor cut.

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She has also seen the humour in the situation and has even created her own "da guana gal" merchandise!

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If you just couldn't get enough of this one video (and you've had it on repeat for hours) then you should also watch this video taken from a different angle:

Even the responses have got us laughing:

One thing we know for sure: stay away from iguanas!

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