Just monkeying around: Ballito man gets ‘robbed’ by cheeky primates

Just monkeying around: Ballito man gets ‘robbed’ by cheeky primates

A video of two cheeky vervet monkeys waltzing into a man’s room while he’s in bed and stealing his veggies shows just how daring these animals can be!

Vervet monkey robbing man
@shizwe_n / TikTok

Hold onto your bananas because this is one heist you won't want to miss!

A hilarious video has gone viral, showing a daring duo of monkeys pulling off a cheeky robbery in broad daylight.

The clip, shared by TikTok user @shizwe_n, captures the monkey business of him losing a whole sweet potato. 

We see one furry bandit casually swing open the door and strut into the unsuspecting homeowner's room.

The mischievous monkey’s partner in crime keeps watch outside, maybe acting as a lookout for their ‘getaway driver’ (on a vine, presumably). But the real prize? The largest and most colourful sweet potato.

The homeowner manages to capture the entire robbery from entrance to exit on video, leaving us absolutely startled. 

He turns to see the first monkey helping himself to a mid-afternoon feast. With a startled shout, the monkey makes a screeching getaway, loot in hand.

The video exploded online, racking up over 1.3-million views. Thousands of people are cracking jokes in the comments section, with many left in tears (from laughter, not from the stolen snacks, we hope).


So the other day i was robbed, Hai mina angiyaz lento 🤕🤦🏽‍♂️

♬ original sound - Shizwe

Check out some of the comments left under the video:

@sanele asked:
“Why are you so relaxed?😭😭”

@Sbahle Mkhize confessed:
“This thing took my phone in PMB.”

@Nuzi Bear shared:
“Mina, I was robbed today…  2 pears and my sweets in the kitchen.”

@Zoe Nivard commented:
“Daylight robbery 😂.”

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Image courtesy of TikTok


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