V-day with Somizi? Sounds pricey...

V-day with Somizi? Sounds pricey...

It's a date! 

Somizi tie

Somizi is offering a date, but it's going to come at a cost.

Somizi has published a 'price list' for his availability to be wined and dined. He has freed up his busy schedule but we can not believe how much the TV personality is charging!

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Somizi truly knows how to become the talk of the town.

He has taken to Instagram to share with us his "Wine and Dine" experience.

Somizi's actual date starts at 20:00, so before then, he is available to be wined and dined, and prices range between R2,000 for a high five to R70,000 for a two-hour date concluding with a kiss goodnight! Talk about a heavy booking fee.

Well, it's good to hear that Somizi isn't undervaluing himself. 

Below is what J Sbu's ideal date idea would be...on a budget. 

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We all know that everything is a joke until it's not. We have no doubt that someone has slid into his DMs for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a Valentine's Day celebrity date. 

Who knows, maybe this will spark other dates for some of SA's biggest celebrities. No harm in earning some extra cash to treat yourself on the day of love...

Somizi makes his social media return with massive R15k rose bouquet
Somizi Official Instagram

So, tell us, are you prepared to pay that much for a dinner date and an xoxo from Somizi or would you rather dine watching this star on your TV?

Who are we kidding! Save your money and just treat yourself...

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