Our top five unpopular opinions about relationships

Our top five unpopular opinions about relationships

That awkward moment when you think the unpopular opinions should be the popular ones...

Stacey J Sbu surprised
Stacey and J Sbu

Relationships can be complicated; especially when you have conflicting ideas of the way things should be. 

We caught up with Stacey and J Sbu to find out what their unpopular ideas about relationships are...

Starting off with J Sbu...

1. Just because we're dating, doesn't mean you can nibble on my food!

You heard it here, folks - order your own fries! There's nothing a guy like J Sbu dislikes more than when you have an opportunity to order food but you choose not to AND THEN try eat his. 

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2. Posting your partner on social media is unnecessary

From the king of social media, he believes that you do not have to document every aspect of your relationship. Keep it private, people like to ruin things.

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3. You don't always have to do something

It's important to learn the art of doing nothing. The Drive show agrees that often you can connect on a deeper level when you aren't distracted or busy. Take time to relax and, no, we're not talking about Netflix and Chill, darling.

Top 5 most unpopular opinions on relationships

4. Gifts are returnable

We all have a different love language but it's not about what the gift is. Rather the thoughtfulness of simply giving a gift is what counts. If you don't like it, take it back for something that will add value to you or your everyday routine... or just keep the money.

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Last but not least...

5. Maybe it wasn't them, maybe it was you

Staceyoffers some insight on the classic line, "It's not you, it's me". Shift the blame, shift the focus, and get to work. Stop being cliché and dig a little deeper, you'll never know what you might find beneath the surface.

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