The relation-ship has sailed... now can I get my stuff back?

The relation-ship has sailed... now can I get my stuff back?

We can all relate to this!

Stacey chair
Stacey and J Sbu

A break-up can be devastating and it's particularly stressful when you realise you've left important belongings with your ex.

Some people are kind and return things promptly, but for others it can be delayed and others truly have no “skaam” and will keep your possessions until the end of time.

If you're anything like Drive Show host J Sbu, you have a simple philosophy on this subject. He states: "I don't have anything in my possession from an ex. When one becomes and ex, I kindly return or destroy their belongings..." 

Letting go of the past and looking to the future aids in getting over an ex and the mourning period of having a relationship. 

While the process can be difficult, there are ways to minimise the pain of retrieving your supplies.

Here’s what you can do…

Calmly talk to or text your ex about a time you can come over to get your things (If you haven’t blocked each other).

If there was shared property, find a way to compromise. Figure out fair ways to distribute property between you and your ex to make as clean a break as possible. Get third parties involved if needed.

If needs be, look to your friends to help start a Hoodie collection agency like the duo below:

If you're anything like Stacey, your response to the question will be, "What don't I have... kidding!" 

Stacey has been innovative with her belongings for her ex, she has adapted an "I refurbished them so they're mine rule". Some of Stacey's notable possessions are a coffee table, Doc Martins, and two antique chairs. Clearly there are some things that were chair-ished more than others...

Stacey Norman

On the other hand, having possessions from an ex may not be such a bad thing. It can serve as a reminder of why you broke up and shouldn’t get back together or it’s a little novelty you get to keep from the good times you had. Perhaps that's how exes rationalise keeping things for an extended period of time? 

Who are we kidding? Just give it back! 

This is a sign to FINALLY get your belongings back from your ex. It's now or never...


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