UPDATE: One year on from the special Comrades proposal

UPDATE: One year on from the special Comrades proposal

Stacey & J Sbu catch up with the newlyweds...

Joseph proposes to Prudence after his 7th Comrades Marathon/Supplied

About a year ago, it was wedding bells for the Ndlovus.

After completing the Comrades Marathon 2022, Joseph asked Prudence to be his wife.

South Africa was abuzz and people shared their congratulations, but now we want to know how have they been doing. Do they plan to enter the Comrades this year as husband and wifey?

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Listen to all our burning questions answered below: 

Here's what transpired a year ago: 

Ten years ago, Joseph Ndlovu's wife Salphie Ndlovu passed away.

Death is a devastating blow to any one of us and we can all relate to it.

We all deal with grief in different ways and Joseph Ndlovu found that running was going to be his outlet. 

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The big Comrades Marathon took place this past weekend and it was another epic edition of the world-famous race.

Ten years later, Joseph's life has completely changed - and it's beautiful.

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But, something else happened after the race that has created all the buzz in South Africa.

On Ash Wednesday 2022, Joseph asked Prudence to be his girlfriend.

"We took up 40 days fasting to deal with our emotional baggage and on Easter Monday I prepared and cooked a special supper for her. We had been dating for four months and to make things more special, I surprised her with a birthday party."

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But all along, Joseph had something bigger planned...


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"I was preparing myself to pop the big question on the 28th of August." - Joseph Ndlovu

But why this day?

It would be the day Joseph would be running his 7th Comrades Marathon.

On Sunday the 28th of August, Joseph executed his plan!

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The now-engaged Joseph and Prudence after his proposal at the Comrades/Supplied
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