Wow! Now this is how you get your partner to say "I do!"

Wow! Now this is how you get your partner to say "I do!"

Couples in love, this guy really set the bar when it comes to once-in-a-lifetime proposals...

A couple share their 'Wow' engagement after overcoming COVID-19
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Love really does make the world go around...

This love story deserved a spot on the Carol Ofori timeline because it doesn't just breathe love, but also how to overcome hardship, build strong foundations and cementing your relationship.

"Kamo Papo, 31, and Paleng Selema, 30, both originally from Polokwane, said they were still "floating on cloud nine" a few weeks after their engagement. They have been together for eight years." (News24)

Planning the whole affair of popping the question is a daunting task for many, it not only creates an innate personal pressure (hoping for a nod and approving look when she or he sees the ring). but also making sure that the whole moment is perfect. 

Overcoming something that is life-changing can seal the deal when it comes to relationships that are reaching that next level. And for this couple, it was overcoming COVID-19 together. 

"Earlier this year, the couple stood at death's door after developing "horrific" Covid-19-like symptoms. "We had lost our sense of taste, smell, and felt extremely disoriented for two weeks. We were convinced we had Covid, and boy, was it scary." (News24)

WATCH the video of their proposal below, courtesy of YouTube:

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After planning an elaborate coverup story, Papo said that one of the biggest challenges he faced was making sure she didn't catch sight of the ring...

We loved this story for all the bells and whistles, but more than that, it reminded us that every love story is special and unique. Sometimes it takes a life-altering moment to really appreciate what you have, and after eight-years, it's clear that Papo has made his choice. 

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