#TheFixer with Stacey & JSbu: "I want to help him grieve but he keeps shutting me out”

#TheFixer with Stacey & JSbu: "I want to help him grieve but he keeps shutting me out”

When people lose those dear to them they always find it hard to get back into the routine of things, because people grieve differently, but what happens when those that are grieving don't let you help them?

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Experiencing death can make just about anyone's life take a standstill. The thought that you will never see their face again, hear their uncontrollable laugh again, see the sparkle in their eyes or just be in their presence hurts every fiber in your body. 

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Other people find it hard to come out of a grieving situation and that's why you need the support of your loved ones. But what happens when you refuse the help of those that love you and instead you punish?

On Wednesday night, Stacey & JSbu received the following message:

You can only do so much for a person and now anonymous has found herself at a point where she can't do more than what she is doing - and she is tired of the horrible treatment from her partner. 

So, KZN, we want you to let us know what anonymous should do. Should she stay and continue being strong for her husband even though he continues to shut her out? 

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Listen to the podcast to hear what anonymous had to say:

Dr. Sherona Rawat - Clinical Psychologist gives insight into supporting a loved one who is grieving.

Listen to the full podcast to hear what she had to say.

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