TIME crown KZN one of World’s Greatest Places... but gets location wrong

TIME crown KZN one of World’s Greatest Places... but gets location wrong

Well, this is awkward...

Times World's Greatest Places KZN wrong location

Over the last three years, TIME magazine has released an annual list of the World's Greatest Places.

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The last year has been nothing like we ever could have imagined, even just considering the past 14 days, and it all has transformed the way we will forever view this world and many of its industries like tourism, travel, and hospitality.

With their annual World's Greatest Places list, TIME hopes to highlight and hero destinations that have been innovative, adapting, and just doing whatever it takes to do what they do best.

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In order to compile the list, TIME solicits nominations from its correspondents and contributors from all over the world, which results in a list of 100 unique destinations that you can add to your bucket list.

One of the 100 spots on the 2021 edition has been taken by our very own KwaZulu-Natal.

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What a happy accomplishment for KZN!

While the writer explains that KZN is the ideal vacation spot with its "warm but mild climate" and "surfable beaches and world-heritage-class parklands", which is completely accurate, they did get one very crucial point wrong.

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KZN is very much located on the Southeastern coast of South Africa although this article states that you can find it on "South Africa's Western Cape".

Don't believe us? Check the proof below:

TIME Magazine wrong KZN location
TIME Magazine

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While they might have made a tiny geographical mistake, it is still an honour and a privilege to be mentioned in such a prestigious list.

The only other South African destination that made on to this year's list is The Kruger Park's Kruger Shalati Train.

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The error hopefully won't stop any tourists from finding our beautiful province, we'll leave that in the very capable hands of ship captains, airline pilots, and bus drivers.

Although seeing as travel restrictions are still very much a part of our reality, it might be a while before our shores and fields are filled with tourists.

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And we can't wait for that day!

You can find the full list of TIME Magazine's 'World's Greatest Places' 2021 here.

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