WATCH: People are confused after seeing Tyra Banks do an interview in a jacuzzi

WATCH: People are confused after seeing Tyra Banks do an interview in a jacuzzi

Tyra interviewed one of music's biggest stars, but it's her outfit choice that has left everyone scratching their heads...

Tyra Banks in hot tub with Megan Thee Stallion
Tyra Banks Official Twitter

Tyra Banks is an icon, a legend, a supermodel of the world, a talk show host, and much more.

There is almost nothing in the world Tyra has not yet done.

While Tyra also has an almost never ending list of wonderful qualities, over the last few years fans have come to realise that Banks is quite quirky, funny, and strange. Some might even say she's straight-up weird and might have lost a few of her marbles.

Not that anyone loves her any less but it has slowly become more and more apparent that she might be more eccentric than we all had always assumed.

And because of that, we were not too shocked when we learnt the details about her most recent interview.

Even though we might have thought she had done everything up until this point, she clearly had one more thing to check off her list.

That was conducting an interview in a jacuzzi with one of the biggest music stars of the decade, while wearing an entire outfit.

You read that right.

Tyra was interviewing Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover.

Megan is the first rapper to ever grace the cover of the Swimsuit issue and in 1996, Tyra was the first black woman to do so. They spoke about Megan's rap career, hiding her musical aspirations, and more.

All while chilling in a hot tub.

While Megan made the seemingly obvious outfit choice, considering the environment they had found themselves in, as well as the fact that it was an interview for the swimsuit issue, as she wore a bikini in the tub, Tyra opted for something a bit more dramatic.

Tyra sat in the jacuzzi in a full gown with shoulder pads!

Don't believe us? Here is a snippet of the interview below:

Naturally, when people realised what the situation was, the jokes began to fly!

It's all in good fun though, because, like we said, it has become pretty on-brand for Tyra to pull a stunt like this these days.

Here are some of the most hilarious responses: 

While we might not understand the method behind the madness, we will admit that this conversation will go down in interview history.

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