WATCH: Trevor Noah roasts politician claiming South Africans cross US border

WATCH: Trevor Noah roasts politician claiming South Africans cross US border

According to some Americans, we are all Chad le Clos-level swimmers.

Trevor Noah roasts Texas governor South Africans crossing borders
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If there is one thing we know about Americans, it’s that they LOVE their borders.

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Whether it’s Donald Trump wanting to build a wall or them just wanting to keep anyone from any country from entering theirs.

The only issue with some of their statements about their borders is that they don’t make a lot of sense.

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Do you see what we see?

Someone clearly didn’t pay attention in geography class…

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Granted with the new COVID-19 variant making headlines and SA being put on every possible travel ban list, this might make sense.

What doesn’t make sense is how he thinks South Africans might be travelling to the US.

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Luckily, our proudly South African talk show host Trevor Noah saw this as an opportunity to educate the masses by addressing the governor on his show, 'The Daily Show'.

You can hear what he had to say below:

Disclaimer: Video does contain strong language.

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While we encourage everyone to do the best they can to curb the increase in COVID-19 cases and stay safe this summer, we would also like to state that if you ever do decide to take a trip to America, we would highly recommend you take a flight instead of a swim.

But that might just be us…

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