Stacey and J Sbu's top 5 highlights of the week

Stacey and J Sbu's top 5 highlights of the week

We've rounded up #StaceyAndJSbusBestBits from the past week just for you! So sit back, relax, and take a listen...

Stacey and J Sbu best moments of the week
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Are you looking to catch up on the best moments brought to you by your favourite Drive duo?

Well, this is the place to be!

We're rounded up the most hilarious, most tense, most exciting moments from the past week in one place so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Let's get into it...

Seeing as the festive season is fast approaching us, Stacey and J Sbu wanted to have a very open and honest conversation about family gatherings.

Should we really be spending time with people who are toxic, even if they are family?

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And speaking of adult things: why didn't our parents (and all the other adults in our lives) warn us about getting older?

KZN shared some of the harsh realities that they experienced when they entered #adulthood:

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Things got very intense on this week's #TheFixer as Matthew* shared his story.

He's currently R150,000 in debt and his fiancé doesn't know.

Luckily KZN and the team came through with some incredible advice:

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Stacey and J Sbu also came across a hilarious video, made by local Durban TikToker Zipho, in which he explained the crazy story of how his ex broke up with him by faking his own death!

Obviously, they had to get to the bottom of this story so they tracked him down and found all the deets:

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And the week ended on a MAJOR highlight as special needs teacher Tammi, from the Bluff, found us at Oxford Fresh Market and was able to play #StaceyNormansBigMusicChallenge LIVE:

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