PICS: Pregnant fitness Tiktoker's belly vanishes in viral video

PICS: Pregnant fitness TikToker's belly vanishes in viral video

Poof! Baby's gone...

Tammy tiktok
Tammy Hembrow / Tiktok

Fans are going wild after an Australian fitness influencer named Tammy Hembrow shared a TikTok video where she made her baby bump disappear.

The question on all our minds is: Why and how?!

Watch below to see @tammyhembrow go viral with the #PoofBeGone challenge.

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We are shook. Although, we have found the explanation as to how she did this.

Tammy used a technique known to the fitness industry as 'vacuuming', whereby you take a deep breath and flex your abdominal muscles in order to show a flat tummy.

Click here to read more about 'vacuuming'.

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This controversial hack caused a stir on TikTok due to the involvement of a child. 

“When you’re over being pregnant,” is what the 24-week pregnant mom captioned the video.

With nearly a million likes and millions of views, if this hasn't popped up on your explore page then you're defs on a different side of TikTok.


We have absolutely no idea what gave Tammy the urge to do this trend, however, many important questions have been raised in the comments.

“The baby, is it ok?” asked one viewer.

Another asked: “Legit question… wouldn’t that be bad for the baby? Like suddenly out of nowhere just tightening up everything… have studies been done on the shock?”

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Tammy took to TikTok to explain that engaging her abdominal muscles is actually good for the baby. Many fans have agreed with her. 

One stated: "These comments, haha. It’s good to maintain your own muscles, baby is fine jeezzz… you look amazing tho." 

Another mentioned: "I used to love doing this while pregnant it will help with your birth so much!" 

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So maybe this isn't soooo bad and our first thoughts on this subject were wrong.

What do you think?

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