WATCH: "Papa, mom is checking your phone!" video goes viral

WATCH: "Papa, mom is checking your phone!" video goes viral

There's no doubt that she's a daddy's girl!

Child takes dad's phone away from mom
Rathipa Rampedi/ Twitter

Mzansi has really had no chill since the rise of the video where a daughter takes her father's phone to her dad to avoid her mother from looking at it.

Talk about a team-player! This daughter has been praised by many as a "well-trained wingwoman" after she alerts her dad to his phone ringing.

In the video, you can see the shock from the mother after the betrayal from her daughter. This will possibly lead her to become even more suspicious. We are dying to know who was at the other end of that call...

This boyfriend unlocked his girl's phone whilst she was asleep to...
Unsplash Website

It's no secret that with many relationships comes an issue with privacy, especially around cellphones. Having access to all secrets can be very daunting for a partner and can lead to lots of conflict and insecurities. Likewise, not sharing can lead to deceit and other insecurities..

What do you think is the best recipe for a healthy relationship with regards to cellphone privacy? Do you think the child was right in what she did?

Many have taken to Twitter to share their praise for the daughter for helping out her dad.

Some notable comments have been: "Gents, I want a daughter like this," "VIP protection unit," and "she deserves 50 % of daddy's salary" 

This one really left us in stitches: "We wonder what will happy when mom's phone rings."

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