I found out my sister was married from her WhatsApp status

"I found out my sister was married from her WhatsApp status"

It is what it is...

I found out my sister was married from her WhatsApp status
ZMjokozeli / Twitter and Stock Photo / Getty Images

Imagine you found out your sister got married, but instead of the usual wedding announcement, you see it on her WhatsApp status?!

You read right. A blood sister that you grew up with and have good relations with didn't tell you cause she simply... forgot, lost your number, who knows? 

Well, this was a reality for @ZMjokozeli. 

So he took to Twitter to share it with us

To make matters worse, not only was he not told about the wedding, but it also happened LAST YEAR. 

Can you believe it?! 

The Twitter post has riled up a large number of South Africans as they discussed potential reasons for his sister's decision and their thoughts on it. 

While some share similar experiences of their own weddings, others debated the importance of family. 

Other users took to Twitter to console the brother..

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One user said that they were going to take the sister's choice into consideration.

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The brother replied to this user stating that his family did not experience the same as his.

Lastly, one user shared her opinion on how the sister is "The main character" and the brother then stated that he still would've liked a ticket to the show...

To end off this rollercoaster of a story, we find out that the reason the sister didn't invite the family is cause she is "over" the family. 

Family politics are hectic, we get it, but was it really worth causing more bad blood and having a brother missing out on a special moment? Or is this a reality check for the family?

What are your thoughts? 

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