WATCH: Man gets slapped after calling girlfriend a "4 out of 10"

WATCH: Man gets slapped after calling girlfriend a "4 out of 10"

Oops, he won't do that again!

Girlfriend slaps boyfriend after insult

Significant others don't always say the right things.

Sure their intentions might be good but occasionally the delivery fails or the words just don't come out right.

Unlike those moments, this man knew exactly what he was saying.

He was just hoping not to get caught.

TikTok user @rafreacts3 is known for his controversial videos on the app. Raphael Aghahan approaches strangers on the street and asks them to answer questions.

Occasionally he tests their knowledge, he asks couples to scroll through each other's phones or asks people to rate other people like Instagram models.

You get the idea.

Generally, the video ends in some sort of dramatic way. People get upset, break up, are offended or surprised.

One of his most recent videos caught a lot of attention unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

In the video, he shows a random guy a picture of a woman and asks him to give her a rating.

The stranger rates her a 10 out of 10 to which Raphael responds by saying that he must be single.

The man then admits that he is not single and proceeds to give his girlfriend a rating out of 10.

The plot twist? His girlfriend was behind him the entire time!

Watch the video below to see how it all goes down and how the girlfriend reacts:

After watching the video many users offered the man some advice, some even saying that "the girlfriend should always be a 10" while others couldn't even believe that this girl was dating this man in the first place.

There were also the obvious questions being asked about the setup of this video.

How did Raphael know where to find the girlfriend? How did he not notice someone standing behind him?

Smells like this might be an elaborate setup for some TikTok content but either way, a valuable lesson was learnt.

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