Mother warns against TikTok egg recipe after suffering burns to face

Mother warns against TikTok egg recipe after suffering burns to face

Think twice before following a viral recipe.

Poached egg and microwave
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A mother's cautionary tale about cooking eggs in a microwave took a harrowing turn when the 'hack' backfired, leaving her with peeling skin. 

Shafia Bashir, 37, endured "absolute agony" after attempting to poach an egg using a recipe that is popular on TikTok. Pouring boiling water into a mug and adding the egg, she microwaved it for a few minutes. 

However, disaster struck when she placed a cold spoon on the egg, causing it to erupt "like a fountain”, scalding the side of her face and causing the "most excruciating" pain of her life.

She was rushed to the emergency room where her burns were treated, but the pain persisted for 12 hours. While her wounds have since healed, Shafia warned others to be wary of the trendy dish, especially as it gains traction on TikTok. 

She recalls: "It was a terrifying time for me. I was in absolute agony.”


According to the Independent, The British Medical Journal has also advised that microwave ovens should carry clear warnings about the risks of exploding eggs.

Using a microwave to cook eggs that are still shelled is extremely dangerous as it holds heat within. This means it will continue to cook itself even after being removed from the microwave.

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