Securing the Bag: Creative TikToker crafts dresses from shopping bags

Securing the Bag: Creative TikToker crafts dresses from shopping bags

We just can’t pick our favourite look!

Shopping bags as clothes
@ndiwavho.couture / TikTok

A local TikToker has taken the app by storm as they transform average shopping bags into runway-ready fashion items. 

The fashion genius has used plastic bags from various brands to create stunning works of art. 

The days of storing your grocery packets in others or using them as makeshift dustbins are over; in 2024, we’re shifting towards sustainable fashion.

@ndiwavho.couture Choose your favourite look from these #tawanadelroy #fypシ #fyp ♬ Peacock Revisit (feat. Ice Beats Slide & Sbuda Maleather) - Uncle Waffles & Ice Beats Slide

@ndiwavho.couture’s cute and creative clip garnered a massive 297,000 likes on the popular social media app. Take a look at the clip below and let us know which outfit is your favourite.

This year seems to be off to a good start in the realm of sustainability. Recently a local mom decided to wrap her son’s schoolbooks in Checkers Sixty60 bags

Lebang Kgosang is a mom TikToker who usually posts videos on the app surrounding parenting, but this creative back-to-school hack gained millions of views. Take a look:


I cant anymore yooh!

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Image courtesy of TikTok

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