Minnie Mouse's outfit change sparks interesting conversation

Minnie Mouse's outfit change sparks interesting conversation

Now she’s even easier to spot than before!

Minnie Mouse

Now she’s even easier to spot than before.

We all know the classic red and white mini mouse with polka dots and black ears. She’s an icon to many a child and adult all around the world. 

But it’s 2022, it’s time to shake things up. 

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The Disney well all know and love has made a drastic change that makes Walt Disney roll over in his grave and has the drive show “shook”. 

Minnie Mouse is swooping out her old school gear for a fresh look that definite the archaic gender dress norms and truly resonated with the changing world we live in. 

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The new blue and black spotted pantsuit is an undeniably striking look that emphases a modern twist on the classic tale. 

Many are disagreeing with this design by Stella McCartney saying that even fashion royalty isn’t safe from the internet. 

McCartney's new "sustainable" costume for Minnie was designed for Women’s History Month in March. The real-life version of the costume is made from "responsibly sourced fabrics," and is a take on the designer's iconic blue tuxedo.

“I am delighted to be working with the one, the only, the iconic Minnie Mouse,” McCartney told the official Disney fan club. 

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However, while the new outfit will only be worn on-site by the character during March, it's still managed to rile up some trolls of the internet.

Although many fans have taken to Twitter to show their love and support.

There is one fan we couldn't resist sharing who pointed out another details that many of us overlooked..

Even though this outfit is only going to last a season, it was refreshing to see the different takes on Minnie Mouse and how iconic she really is. 

So who’s gonna be next? Stacey and the drive team and simply obsessed we can’t wait to see more updates like these and who knows maybe you’ll see Stacey taking some tips and rocking a blue pantsuit soon.. 

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