World's youngest billionaire is just nine years of age

World's youngest billionaire is just nine years of age

Talk about a Rich Kid!

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Inside the lavish life of the youngest billionaire on this planet...

We all know of a spoilt kid but imagine a child who bought their first mansion at only six years old?! 

Talk about moving up in life. 

At just nine years old, Mompha Junior already has a “Mansion in the Hamptons” along with an array of glamorous sports cars gifted to him by his Dad, a Nigerian internet celebrity. 

The young billionaire influences his lavish lifestyle to his 25,700 Instagram following. 

From sharing content of his red Lamborghini Aventador to sitting on the bonnet of a cream Bentley Flying Spur, the youngster is often decked out head-to-toe in designer clothes, including brands such as Versace and Gucci. Must be nice…

Mompha Junior car

Mompha travels the word exclusively by private jet alongside his wealthy father Ismailia Mustapha, known as Mompha, 42. 

Some of Mompha Junior's images were captioned: 'Happy birthday to me' and 'Thanks Daddy'. This showing the immense gratitude the child has towards his father.

Needless to say the dad and son duo definitely have expensive taste, with his father sharing their lifestyle of living in Lagos and UAE to his 1.1 million followers. 

He also later praised his son's achievements and said on Instagram: 'The youngest landlord who wears Gucci and still owns a house. He deserves some accolades because he has paid his dues in full.'

How we wish we were Mompha Junior! We can’t wait to see his journey in the coming years. 

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