Man protests salary by moving into his cubicle in viral video

Man protests salary by moving into his cubicle in viral video

So much for working from home..

Man moves into cubicle in office
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As South Africans, we know what it’s like to not be paid enough to maintain a reasonable standard of living. 

This man decided to take matters into his own hands and move into his work until the bosses noticed and took action. 

Watch this viral video below: 

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Check out my new apt

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This TikToker has shown the world that you need to stand up for yourself in unfair working conditions. 

Although most people may not go to this extreme, we are lucky enough that he is capturing the series of events for us. 

His TikTok of moving into his cubicle and explaining his living conditions has gone viral with millions of views and 1.2-million likes. 

He captions his first video: “Check our my new apartment.” 

He also states: “Let’s see how long I can get away with this.”

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In a series of follow-up videos, he describes how he is yet to be caught, but he does have to move desks due to a wood issue. 

He just picked the wrong desk after moving all of his things there. How ironic.


Still day 3...

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Throughout his video, he shows us how easy it is to live at his work. He has access to showers, electricity, a kitchen, and so much more. 

In response to some TikTokers who have stated he is squatting, he has said: “Squatting is unlawful, and nothing I’m doing is technically unlawful. It’s just frowned upon.” 

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In contrast to the negative comments, many TikTokers are praising him for his efforts: 

“With petrol prices the way they are, I don’t blame you!”

“I did this in 2014. It took three weeks to get fired and evicted. Best of luck.”

“I had a coworker to do this at a job. Everyone knew and no one said a word to him about it. He had a lil grill he use to cook on & everything.”

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Others had many questions about the logistics of the situation, asking what is he going do if he calls in sick, what about the cleaners and security, and what happens when work closes for holidays? 

Making light of the situation, one hilarious user stated: “Well that’s one way not to be late to work.”

We are in stitches and can’t wait to see the events unravel in further videos. 

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