Papa Richie goes crazy after grandkids surprise him with Dua Lipa concert tickets

Papa Richie goes crazy after grandkids surprise him with Dua Lipa concert tickets

A super fan of note

Papa Richy and Dua Lipa
@kadiebernstein / TikTok

One ticket is all it takes for Papa Richy to absolutely wild.

This heart-warming, viral video has struck the hearts of so many viewers around the world.

Watch Below:

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@kadiebernstein Happy birthday Grandpa! @Dua Lipa your oldest fan!! #dualipa #birthday #fyp #surpise #grandpa #OneSliceChallenge #StudentSectionSauce ♬ Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa

80-year old, Papa Richie is an adoring fan of singer Dua Lipa. 

Knowing this, his grandchild surprised him with tickets on his birthday to an exclusive concert where the "queen of new rules" will be performing.

The excitement did not end there...


The joy on Papa Richy's face then was nothing compared to his reaction over the second big surprise he received.

Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show tricked Papa Richie into thinking he was just coming for an interview on a radio show however, he got to experience his ultimate dream.

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He got to dance with Dua Lipa on the talk show.

The super fan and his musical favourite got to hold hands and shimmy on stage.

"I got to dance with Dua!" Papa Richy shouted to the audience as he made his exit.

@fallontonight Jimmy & @dualipaofficial team up to surprise 80-year-old superfan Papa Richy and fulfill his dream of dancing with Dua! #FallonTonight ♬ original sound - FallonTonight

What hope that one day someone fan girls over our Drive show much like Dua Lipa.

It is certain that Papa Richy and Dua cross-paths in the near future at her concert. 

In the meantime, we can enjoy the follow-up videos of Papa Richy on TikTok.

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