WATCH: Crazy moment barefoot lady smashes her way into a Domino's with a brick

WATCH: Crazy moment barefoot lady smashes her way into a Domino's with a brick

An unreal "Hulk, smash" moment...

Woman smashes through domino's
Humans of Bankstown / Facebook

Normally you're meant to smash the food not the window...

This wild lady took things a bit extreme when she picked up a brick from the sidewalk and smashed her way into the nearby Domino's.

Watch this bizarre moment below:

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Handheld footage has captured the moment where a woman in businesswear, but also barefoot, was smashing her way into a Domino's pizza store with a brick.  

This video was captured on a Sunday evening in Perth.

It is quite out this world as the woman is seemingly calm when she picks up the brick but goes wild when she smashes the window.

A real "Hulk, smash" moment...


The woman can be seen using her hand to smash through the front door before walking through a pile of broken glass and confronting staff.

She then shouts, "Give me my f***ing phone", to the person behind the counter. As onlookers watched, the server said, "Put some shoes on".

The woman did not seem hurt as she climbed through and on broken shards of glass barefoot.

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Barefoot crazy moment
Humans of Bankstown / Facebook

The internet went wild. This video was reposted several times with captions such as " She just wanted pizza", "There must be good pizzas", and, lastly, "She's probably one of those people who think pineapple doesn't belong on pizzas." 

When you're hungry you'll do anything for food but this is h-anger on a whole new level.

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