Mamba in a Hilux! Westville family finds sneaky surprise in bakkie

Mamba in a Hilux! Westville family finds sneaky surprise in bakkie

A Westville family requested the assistance of snake rescuer Nick Evans after finding a black mamba in their garage.

Mamba in Hilux bonnet
Nick Evans- Snake Rescuer / Facebook

Living in KZN, we know that encountering snakes is almost a rite of passage, but what would you do if a large, slithery guest cosied up in the bonnet of your car?

Snake rescuer Nick Evans shared images of a rescue he carried out with veterinarian Dr Carla Goede last week. While out to treat a monitor lizard that survived a dog attack, they received a call about a black mamba in a garage in Westville.

Dr Goede and Evans searched the neat, well-packed garage before the homeowner informed them about reversing his bakkie out of the garage as soon as he saw the snake entering.

Although he acted quickly, the homeowner still suggested that the snake could be under his vehicle. 

“I thought it was certainly possible, but the garage seemed the more appealing option to the mamba,” said Evans.

Evans and Dr Goede continued with their search but the homeowner suggested, once again, that the mamba could be in his bakkie.

“As I opened the bonnet, there was a portion of the body of a thick, well-fed, and large Black Mamba! Relaxing on the back of the engine compartment, thankfully,” said Evans.

Dr Goede got hold of the mamba’s body with tongs while Evans ran to collect his tongs. The duo worked together to meticulously pull the snake out of the Hilux’s engine.

According to Evans, the snake was at least 2.5m in length.

“It's the girth of it that's impressive, likely well fed on young dassies,” he added.

Nick Evans and Dr Carla Goede hold 2.5m Black Mamba
Nick Evans and Dr Carla Goede hold 2.5m Black Mamba. Nick Evans - Snake Rescuer / Facebook
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