WATCH: Child innocently holds long snake as adults panic

Video: Child innocently holds long snake as adults panic

Watch the moment a toddler innocently holds a long snake before getting it safely removed from him. 

Child playing with a snake/ Twitter
Child playing with a snake/ Twitter

It goes without saying that many adults wouldn't dare go near a snake or attempt to even touch a living snake.

This is because we know the danger holding a snake can pose. 

Snake bites are common in South Africa. states that more than 20,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa die each year from snake bites.

However, children have no prior knowledge of the dangers of holding snakes. 

WATCH: Wild snake showdown with five determined men

A video has gone viral showing a toddler holding a long snake. 

In the video, a man can be seen holding the boy who had a snake in his hand. Two others are seen trying to assist to remove the snake while stunned by the fearlessness of the boy. 

It is unclear as to the type of snake the boy is holding.

One of the men managed to remove the snake and threw it away without killing it. 

"Animals are kind on babies. Even lions don’t eat babies. He looked at him like; I want my snake back," reads the caption of the post.

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