Black mamba meets its match with local snake handler in epic showdown

Black mamba meets its match with local snake handler in epic showdown

A snake handler went viral for her incredible feat - capturing a black mamba, Africa's deadliest snake, with her bare hands!

Jess holding Black Mamba
Hoedspruit Reptile Centre / TikTok

Black mamba on the loose? No problem for Jess!

A heart-stopping TikTok video has the internet buzzing after the snake expert from Hoedspruit Reptile Centre showcased her incredible bravery. 

The culprit? Africa's deadliest snake, the black mamba, spotted slithering on a windowsill.

Packing a 100% fatality rate from an untreated bite, the black mamba is enough to send shivers down anyone's spine. But Jess? Unfazed. With nerves of steel and a calmness that belies the danger, she expertly manoeuvred the black mamba with her bare hands.

The video captured the tense encounter in just 59 seconds, showing Jess strategically grabbing the snake by the head and manoeuvring it into a pillowcase. Viewers were left speechless by her courage and focus.

Some even joked that they fear Jess more than the snake itself!

Read some of the comments here:

@Thegenderblender commented:
“One the most venomous snakes in the world, weakness: Jess and a pillowcase.”

@Lindsay Snook wrote:
“I'm terrified of snakes but now I'm more scared of Jess.”

@Pascal commented:
“She’s so relaxed about it too, insane!!”

@Carrie stated:
“The fact that one bite contains enough venom to kill 20 people.... and she's HAND TO MOUTH with this snake.”

Watch the video, courtesy of TikTok, below:

@hoedspruitreprilecentre Jess removing a Black Mamba ( Dendroaspis polylepis). #hoedspruit #hoedspruitreptilecentre #snakes #reptile #reptileconservation #savethesnakes ♬ original sound - Black sabbath
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Image courtesy of TikTok


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