Stacey makes a not-so-shocking revelation!

Stacey makes a not-so-shocking revelation!

As it turns out, Stacey Norman is phenomenal at a lot of things, except this...

Stacey makes a not-so-shocking revelation!
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When it comes to household chores, there are very few of these tasks that spark joy.

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Sure, you might not absolutely hate having to do the laundry, but when it comes to washing dishes or mopping, you can easily imagine yourself doing something else in the time it takes you to finish these annoying little jobs around the house.

And more importantly, when you share a space with someone, these chores become even more important and necessary than ever before.

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If one person neglects the dishwashing, then the next thing you know you're eating your cereal out of a coffee mug with a fork.

The same goes for laundry. As soon as it starts piling up, you need to start calculating when the next pile needs to be loaded and folded.

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While these types of chores do not require a lot of skill, cooking is something entirely different.

It can also cause a lot more stress and anxiety.

Recently, Stacey realised that although she is an incredible radio host, a multitalented, beautiful, strong, independent woman, there is one, and possibly only one, flaw that she has.

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She is no Nigella Lawson.

When it comes to relationships or any household where more than one person shares a space, there is usually a system in place to ensure that anarchy doesn't ensue and that things get done/are taken care of.

Since Stacey is clearly not the chef, she is usually busy fulfilling another role.

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J Sbu might be living his best bachelor life but surely he has a role to play when he goes home to his parents?

Siblings more often than not have a lot to say about the chores that have been dished out so Stacey and J Sbu asked KZN: who is in charge of what within your household?

Let the drama commence.

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