Prince Harry reveals why he was drinking a week's worth of alcohol a day

Prince Harry reveals why he was drinking a week's worth of alcohol a day

Dealing with trauma is never easy and the Duke of Sussex used to have some very unhealthy coping mechanisms...

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The infamous and tragic story of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, rocked the entire world when the news broke in 1997 and while the world mourned, two young boys had to deal with the loss of their mother.

They were only 15-years-old and 12-years-old at the time.

Years later, Prince Harry would go on to make headlines with his bachelor-style, wild-child partying ways.

Now he is finally opening up about the time of his life that he describes as being "a nightmare".

Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry have launched a new limited docuseries with Apple TV+ called, 'The Me You Can't See', where they guide discussions about mental health and include a few guests throughout the five episodes, while also opening up about their own emotional and mental struggles.

While talking about his own mental health journey, he finally addressed and explained what he had been going through during that time of his life, and he even spoke of his mother's funeral.

He also went on to explain that from the age of 28 to 32, he was having panic attacks and was dealing with severe anxiety while being a senior member of the Royal Family. This had been the worst part of his life.

Excessive drinking and even drugs were the only way he could deal with the pain and trauma caused by his mother's death and he would use these substances to numb his feelings.

He even admitted to drinking seven day's worth of alcohol on a Friday or Saturday not because he felt like having a good time and partying, but rather because he was trying to mask his pain.

Prince Harry had previously talked about his mental struggles and even shared that he had gone to therapy in the hopes of breaking "the cycle of pain" caused by his upbringing.

He feels like he is very similar to his mother and that he needed to break free.

Which is what he and his family have now decided to do.

The series can be streamed on Apple TV+ and will also feature Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, celebrity chef Rashad Armstead, and many more.

You can watch the trailer for the series below:

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