Join the club: If you answer yes to these questions you are officially an adult

Join the club: If you answer yes to these questions you are officially an adult

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you are older than you think you are...

Join the club: If you answer yes to these questions you are officially an adult

When you're a kid, you keep wishing to be a teenager. That day comes and you can't wait to finish school and become an adult. Before you know it you've got all the responsibilities in the world and you are officially doing it - you're adulting!

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But it seems like there is more to adulting than just moving out of your parents' house and paying bills.

All you want to do when you're 18-years-old is drive around, hang out with your friends, stay up until the early hours of the morning (either studying or partying), and spending your money on booze, food or other temporary/useless things.

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However, we have some news for you.

There comes a time where you find excitement in things that might be considered "old" and you might even be called "grandma/grandpa" because of these interests.

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No idea what we're talking about?

Let's simplify it - if you answer yes to any of the below questions, you are officially an adult, no matter what your age. If you answer yes to ALL of the questions below - you have reached peak adulting.

  1. Do you get excited about new cutlery, utensils and appliances?
  2. Do you find yourself going to bed at a reasonable time, possibly even getting tired when you are out past your bedtime?
  3. Do you feel relieved when you've made plans with people and they cancel?
  4. Do you prefer staying home on a Friday/Saturday night instead of going out?
  5. Do you get excited about grocery shopping, clean bedsheets, a clean kitchen, and an organised house?

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We know you might be trying to lie to yourself right now and pretend like you're still a 21-year-old at heart but let's be honest, it's too exhausting.

We're more than happy to admit that we want to chill at home, in our comfy clothes and try new recipes in our air fryer.

Stacey and J Sbu might not be 21 anymore but they are still quite new to the whole adulting thing.

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As it turns out, they might be more grown than even they thought they were!

Take a listen as they discuss the actual signs of ageing with KZN.

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