J.Lo proves she now has a lot with major fashion faux pas at show

J.Lo proves she now has a lot with major fashion faux pas at show

We don't know about love but her Dolce & Gabbana cape sure do cost a thing...

JLo Dolce and Gabbana fashion show price tag
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Embarrassing moments and accidents happen to the best of us.

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Fine, maybe not to the best of us.

Society will have you believing that celebrities are above us, they are not your average human being and while they might not have the exact experiences we "normal" people have (like worrying about paying bills), they do have the occasional slip-up.

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They might have a tumble on a red carpet, forget their song lyrics during a performance or have a bit of a fashion faux pas when going out, which seems to be the most common.

When this does happen, it does make them seem a little bit more relatable and as long as they aren't seriously injured, it can also provide a good laugh.

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Over the weekend, Dolce & Gabbana hosted a fashion show that will go down in the history of fashion as one of the most memorable shows ever.

Although the runway show which took place in Venice, Italy, was interrupted by a hailstorm, the star-studded event still provided us with some Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker relationship tea, show-stopping looks from the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, Bebe Rexha, and Normani, but it also made us see a side of Jennifer Lopez we have never seen before.

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J.Lo attended the show and looked incredible in a D&G top, trousers, crown, and cape.

Unfortunately, keen eyes spotted the only wardrobe malfunction in J.Lo's otherwise perfect D&G ensemble.

Seems like her team of stylists, beauty gurus, and personal assistants could not even save her from this one and the pictures were snapped quicker than you could say 'Bennifer':

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While we all know that celebs don't often keep the clothes they wear for events, were we wrong to assume that the tags would at least have been removed.

Or does this mean that there will now be a Dolce & Gabbana cape available for purchase that was once worn by J.Lo? And the buyer might never know...

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But in typical J.Lo style, a little accident like this was not going to stop her from absolutely slaying anyway:

Or stop her from having a blast with her other A-lister friends like Doja Cat, Zoe Saldana or Vanessa Bryant:

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Clearly, she could not have cared less about a little piece of cardboard.

While any normal human being might be mortified after experiencing an accident like this or would be blushing for days when they find out they were trending because of a price tag, we're sure Jenny from the block is powering on and continuing to live her best life.

May we all one day have the same unbothered energy as this queen.

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