"Paying that much for someone who's learning the alphabet cuts deep!" - J Sbu

"Paying that much for someone who's learning the alphabet cuts deep!" - J Sbu

We could hear the pain in J Sbu's voice!

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Guys, the distress in J Sbu's voice when he called us this morning! As if J he isn't on the verge of a quarter life crisis, he's now on the verge of a financial crisis.

School is back in session and with that many parents will be paying school fees for the very first time. 

J Sbu received his, son's, school statement and he had a bit of a panic attack - we could hear the pain in his voice when he told us the story. This one cut him deep...

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"I'm seeing toooo many zeroes for this year's school fees! This kid better turn out to be an astronaut. Guys, I'm trying to add things up and it's not adding up here. Last year I received the stationery list but I only looked at it this year; it's so specific, you can't just go to any store, you have to go to a specific store. This kid is 5-years-old - he better turn out to be an astronaut, or a Doctor, or something relevant"

Parents, how are you coping?

The pencils. The uniform. The emblem. The clothing. The list is endless.

He thinks it's just for the next 13 years... now we're nervous to remind him about varsity.

The question on everyone's mind is how many zeroes does it cost for Zanda (J Sbu's son)to progress from Grade 00 to Grade 0? 

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We can confirm that this year's cost went up by R10,000.

Here's the full statement:

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Zanda may not be a doctor but he definitely knows how to operate. (pun intended) #LOL

We asked parents what they could have bought with the money they spent on school fees and things got real! Check out the responses below.

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