Can men handle their partners being more successful?

"Even if a woman is paying for a date, she should always give the man her money beforehand!"

This question opened up an interesting conversation on social media - including some very controversial ones.

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We're living in an interesting time, where a lot of the archaic structures that enforced gender-specific roles are being torn down.

Creating equal opportunities for both men, women and non-binary members of society is such an important part of growth as a society.

We took a look at some of the statistics in South Africa, and according to StatsSA:

"Women accounted for 43,4% of total employment in the second quarter of 2021. Of those in managerial positions, 66,9% were men compared to 33,1% of women. Overall, close to a third (30,1%) of all people who had jobs in the 2nd quarter of 2021 were employed in Elementary and Domestic work occupations. Women dominated the Domestic worker, Clerical and Technical occupations while the rest of the occupations were dominated by men. Only 5,5% of Domestic worker jobs were occupied by men while only 11,9% of Craft and related trade jobs were occupied by women."

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One of the questions that often raise the blood pressure levels is one like the below...

This is a very important question and one that clearly needed to be addressed. The responses were very interesting and also got quite heated.

"Instinctively men are providers and they always want that role. It takes a well informed or educated man (by education I don’t mean academics) to understand that the world has changed. If you are dealing with a traditionalist or conservative man you have another thing coming."


"Then don't expect any traditional gender roles to be to be played then. I'll only buy you flowers if you buy then.. . Open the door if you open the door.. No more being chivalrous. You get what you give. Angithi we're all amadoda now and also forget about lobola being paid for u."


"Most can't. They feel intimidated and overpowered coz society taught them they have to be superior to women. One can't exercise his superiority while being fed by those under him."


"Yhuuu there’s a lot to say here and it’s really tricky. Yabo I’m stubborn naturally neh but if you earn more you get accused of challenging the man because you earn more. You come back from work with a pair of Nike for a child kuthwa you don’t consult uyazenzela coz unemali.'


"They think they can but their masculinity is super fragile, you complain about one thing they are doing wrong and suddenly you are trying to control them because you bought them something last week yhu aha. may i stop attracting these kind of men bathong."


This comment from Twitter user @VelempiniN really escalated things:



"The huns and the White Knights are losing  This is the MOAT- Mother of All Triggers."


"This is the problem with patriarchy men are supposed to be providers. However, if they can’t provide women must over compensate for it by acting as if the man is the one with the money. Mntase just pay for all the dates and leave women’s money alone."


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This type of thinking is everything tat stifles growth and progress and social media users weren't shy to stand up and call him out.

You can read the full thread of responses to his tweet by clicking below:

The post has since gone viral and we had to get to the bottom of this.

Let's find out what Stacey & J Sbu had to say about this.

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