How do you end a date that’s not going well?

How do you end a date that’s not going well?

We’ve got four sneaky tips that MAY help you…

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So, after weeks (or days) of chatting, you’ve decided to set a date to meet your potential future bae. You get to the location and the date starts out great.

Now you’ve run out of topics to discuss and the only reason you haven’t bolted out the door is because your conscious just won’t let you. Yeah, we’ve been there too!

Fret not as we’re here to spill the tea on gracefully exiting this truly uncomfortable situation.

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Option 1: The Emergency Escape Plan

The easiest and (probably) the most common method is to have a friend or family member on standby to text or call you. Your emergency escape person can create a fake scenario that requires immediate attention allowing you to swiftly leave the date without hurting any feelings.

Option 2: Bathroom Bail

If your emergency escape person is unavailable, we’ve got a second idea for those who are bold and brave. It’s definitely not an option for the faint-hearted! Consider excusing yourself to the loo and don’t look back. 

Head straight there with your belongings and kill some time there before leaving. This could be the perfect opportunity to head to the exit door or maybe, just maybe, give your date another chance!

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Option 3: Distract and Dash

If all else fails and you’ve had enough but you still want to spare your date’s feelings, it's time to create a dramatic distraction. Make a loud noise or create a commotion and use it as your excuse to run straight to the door.

It's the best way to silently slip away and make your way home!

Option 4: Honesty is the Best Policy

If you’re not a fan of our sneaky tips, try telling your date the truth. In your own words, explain that you feel no connection and you’d prefer to end your date where it is. This is a great option to avoid those post-date messages and phone calls. notes that people really do appreciate honesty!

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Putting an end to a date you’re not loving doesn’t have to be an anxiety-inducing situation. If you’re not loving the vibe of your date or you’ve simply just run out of things to chat about, consider using one of our tips!

Remember, it's always good to have a pre-planned exit strategy!

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