Gordon Ramsay is “lucky to be alive” after terrifying bike accident

Gordon Ramsay is “lucky to be alive” after terrifying bike accident

World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay shares injuries from his 'really bad' bicycle accident.

Gordon Ramsay injuries
Gordon Ramsay injuries/ X

Renowned chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay recently faced a harrowing experience that left him grateful for his life and eager to spread an important message about safety. 

In a social media post to his millions of followers, Ramsay recounted a "really bad accident" while biking in the US. The incident, which occurred just this week, has prompted the importance of wearing a helmet while engaging in outdoor activities.

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Gordon Ramsay shared the details of the accident through a video on social media, where he displayed a significant bruise covering much of his torso. Take a look here:

Despite his visible injuries and the pain he described, Gordon expressed gratitude for the medical professionals for their swift and expert care during his recovery.

Gordon Ramsay’s brush with danger has been a huge lesson on bike safety. Gordon urges everyone to "wear a helmet," a simple yet crucial piece of advice that can prevent life-altering injuries. 

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While the internet shares their best wishes for the world-beating chef, this incident has left a mark in the online space. 

Gordon signs off with, a Father's Day message: 

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