Gordon Ramsay spices it up in Durban at Thirupathi Spices!

Gordon Ramsay spices it up in Durban at Thirupathi Spices!

Durban spice queen tells Gordon Ramsay that a little spice never killed anyone... yet. 

Sanusha Moodley
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If you have not had a chance to watch Gordon Ramsay's 'Uncharted', where have you been?! This adventure cooking series sees Gordan travelling to some of the most delectable but uncharted places, and last year he made his way to our sunny KwaZulu-Natal. 

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Sanusha Moodley, co-owner of Thirupathi Spices, situated in the historic Victoria Street Market - which is also Durban's oldest market, gave Gordon a true Afro-Indian spice experience. She introduced him to the devil chilli, braai spices, and "skop and donder". It's safe to say that he was never ready! After his taste explosion, the chef left the store with a bag of spices 'made with love'.

As a mom of two, Sanusha is definitely a busy lady, and if you've had the privilege of visiting her store, you would know the aromatic spices will have you dreaming up your next best meal!

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Thirupathi Spices is a family-run store and has been in Sanusha's family for three generations. This spice goddess has been blending spices since she was a teen and was taught the craft by her dad.

In an interview with East Coast Radio, Sanusha mentioned that she had never heard of Gordon before the interview. A production company approached her, and on the day of the interview, cameras were set up, and a huge production crew was in her store. Thereafter, Gordon arrived. She noted that everything was "top secret".

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Down to earth and funny, Sanusha finds joy in making other people happy, and she loves blending spices. She lives by the motto, "do what you love, and love what you do".

When asked what the one spice anyone needs in their kitchen is, Sanusha replied: "One spice is not enough" - so you know we're off to the market now!

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